TrustNet Update – Subscriptions and Commissions

October 9, 2006

Unfortunately, the server part of TrustNet is quite resource intensive. That means that there’s a very finite number of users I can support, and after that I’ll have to pay for more servers and hosting. That’s why I have to make the server based features subscription based.

It works like this: When buying the scanner, you get some subscription time. At least one month, probably more. Every month of subscription time costs L$50. You can buy subscription time at a vendor, or allow the scanner to charge you. I understand that some people might not trust the second method, so you’ll be able to pay an in-world object as well.

If you let it expire, the scanner is still going to work, except the server based functionality won’t be available until you renew. That includes getting and sending ratings, as well as searching by rating.

Commissions work like this: When you recommend somebody the scanner, you can claim a commission bonus of L$25 on them. Just find the person on the scanner, and click “Commission”. If they buy and attach it, you’ll get sent your payment.


Hi there!

October 8, 2006

I’m Dale Glass, a Second Life resident.

My main interest is scripting, so I’ll be posting about the stuff I’m working on here once in a while.