TrustNet HUD 0.49 Released

Finally the next TrustNet HUD version is ready! This has been delayed quite a lot due to the SL Scripters Trade Show, but it was worth it. The show went very well, and I made contact with some very interesting people. I also got some valuable feedback.

The major news in this version is access to the website. Expect it to be slow (due to implementation issues) and buggy for now, but the basics of it work. I’d like to get feedback on it, so contact me with any bug reports or feature suggestions. Full changelog follows.

Full changelog:

  • Extended dialog timeout to 5 minutes: Previously the scanner would only wait 30 seconds for a button to be pressed. This seemed to be too short, so I extended it.
  • Avatar notifications: When people come near, the scanner shows a list of the people who arrived, differentiated by ratings.
  • Sounds: Related to the previous improvement, a sound is played when a person appears nearby. The sound depends on the rating (enemy, negative, none, friendly, friend).
  • Scanner has been made free: Scanner is now free of charge, and will soon be available at more locations. Free subscription time for new users reduced from 30 to 14 days.
  • Removed “Commissions” button and replaced it “Give copy”. As a consequence of the above, commissions are going away for a while. Instead, there’s now a “give copy” button that allows giving a free copy to the selected avatar. More details on this here.
  • Removed “Lusk gohom” button: This was an attempt to add some integration with Luskwood moderation tools. The way it was done it was incomplete and confused people. Will be reintroduced later, in an improved form.
  • Added “Web” button: Pressing this takes you directly to the TrustNet Website, without requiring a password.
  • Added “Get password” button: Now in the “Options” section, you can get the password to access the website, for access from outside SL.

2 Responses to TrustNet HUD 0.49 Released

  1. Jesse Malthus says:

    Yey! This new version looks great, even if the web side is coded in Perl πŸ˜€ I would looove a trustnet API, so that when someone came in range that’s on your negrate list, it’d kick them πŸ˜€

  2. Dale Glass says:

    Perl doesn’t amount to anything substantial, so the actual choice of language doesn’t make much of a difference. All it’s used for is to talk to the DB and format the webpage, glue basically.

    The API is documented at:
    and there’s a security orb in the making that does precisely what you want πŸ™‚

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