TrustNet HUD 0.50 Released

This version has a new feature: tool discovery.

The idea here is that there are many tools on SL that perform some action on an avatar, but require inputting the name by hand. For instance, security orbs and similar systems, weapons etc. I created a protocol that allows the scanner to ask tools talking the protocol to identify themselves. Then the scanner presents a list of all the tools that were detected, and allows the user to choose which to use on the avatar that was clicked.

I have documented the protocol on the LSL Wiki.


4 Responses to TrustNet HUD 0.50 Released

  1. Darkstar Senior says:

    You need to make the sound optional. It gets annoying after a wile when I’m in a high traffic area. Thanks man.

  2. Dale Glass says:

    Added options for notifications, sounds and scanning distance in version 0.52.

  3. Cool beans, tool-discovery is a great feature.

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