“Explain” Format Changed

January 22, 2007

In order to accomodate some server-side improvements, the format of the output of the Explain (click on avatar -> rate -> explain) command changed. The previous output looked like this when Alice checked the score for Dave:

            behavior 1
                behavior 0.1

This was rather too long and took too much of the valuable and very scarce script memory. The output was changed to make it more compact, so that more useful results can be produced.

  • The avatar being checked doesn’t appear in the output anymore.
  • A header was added to the output.
  • Rating names have been shortened (“bhv” instead of “behavior”)
  • Number of spaces used for indentation reduced from 4 to 2.
  • Added the “+” sign in front of positive scores.
  • Added comments if they exist (in parentheses)
  • Added expiration times if they exist (in square brackets)
  • If the output is too long, it will be cut off to avoid causing a stack/heap collision.

Now the same information looks like this:

=== Ratings for Dave ===
    Bob: bhv +1 (Dave rules)
        Trent: bhv +0.1 [00:35:12]

Server Upgrades Finally Done

January 18, 2007

Today I used the SL downtime to move the server to a new case. The problem with the old one was that it had a non-standard layout, a weird power supply with fans that were failing and cooled hard disks poorly. It also got full of dust quickly due to the layout and lack of an air filter. All those problems have been fixed by moving the hardware to a rack case.

With this change, the server should run very well as it is for a long time, barring disk failure or something else of the sort, and the improved hard disk cooling should make that unlikely.

Upgrade Complete

January 11, 2007

Unfortunately I’m not home on Wednesdays during SL downtime, so the update had to be done while SL was up. Update took longer than expected, but went smoothly.


  • Upgraded RAM from 1GB to 3GB
  • Resized /var (where the database lives) from 5GB (63% usage) to 15GB (21% usage). Database itself is currently 400MB in size, so there’s lots of room for growth.

Server Fixed

January 7, 2007

My apologies for the recent downtime.

Due to a rather nasty bug in a script running on the server all disk space was exhausted. Unfortunately I was sleeping at the time, so it took me some time to notice. This is fixed now, and I will be making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Also, I will be adding disk space to make sure I have more warning time.

All active subscriptions have been extended by 1 day. Please tell me of any further problems.

TrustNet Webiste Improvements

January 4, 2007

Over the last day, I’ve been working on the website a bit.

The first change is the addition of the “Distribution” tab. This allows easily sending a copy of the scanner to all the people you rated positively. To avoid annoying people, only people who don’t have a scanner and have never been offered one before appear in the list. Also, the feature is limited to 10 deliveries per hour. However it also means that you can safely click the button every hour until it’s delivered to everybody, and nobody will get offered a scanner twice.

The other addition is that now every avatar name links to a page where all the ratings for an avatar can be changed. This, combined with the history page means that if you accidentally changed all of somebody’s ratings to “None” (and that way removed them from the ratings list) you can now just click their name in the ratings history page, and rate again as needed.