“Explain” Format Changed

In order to accomodate some server-side improvements, the format of the output of the Explain (click on avatar -> rate -> explain) command changed. The previous output looked like this when Alice checked the score for Dave:

            behavior 1
                behavior 0.1

This was rather too long and took too much of the valuable and very scarce script memory. The output was changed to make it more compact, so that more useful results can be produced.

  • The avatar being checked doesn’t appear in the output anymore.
  • A header was added to the output.
  • Rating names have been shortened (“bhv” instead of “behavior”)
  • Number of spaces used for indentation reduced from 4 to 2.
  • Added the “+” sign in front of positive scores.
  • Added comments if they exist (in parentheses)
  • Added expiration times if they exist (in square brackets)
  • If the output is too long, it will be cut off to avoid causing a stack/heap collision.

Now the same information looks like this:

=== Ratings for Dave ===
    Bob: bhv +1 (Dave rules)
        Trent: bhv +0.1 [00:35:12]

17 Responses to “Explain” Format Changed

  1. PT Researcher says:

    I am from the magazine Psychology Today and am interested in interviewing you for an article we are doing on Second Life. If you could please reply back to PTresearcher@hotmail.com, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Vint says:

    From a discussion about people selling freebies for lot’s of money, falsly claiming work as theirs and breaking RL copyright ifrignement in SL: Maybe they could add something to the Trusthud concerning this. That you can flag someone that is selling things that were actually free and/or created by you.

  3. Dale Glass says:

    Vint, I’d have to think on it. While it’s technically easy to add, what concerns me is that it’s a category that’s very skewed in the negative direction.

    Eg, it’s easy to rate somebody both ways in the “behavior”, “building” or “scripting” categories. Now if I were to add a “copyright” one, who’d rate somebody positively for having a good attitude towards copyright, whatever that might be? Probably nobody.

    What worries me here is that such a rating might be imbalanced, and that would make it too easy to abuse.

    I take note of your suggestion, however, and will think on it.

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