[Solved!] Problems with group IMs

It seems that in my viewer group IMs aren’t working. That means that you won’t be able to receive or join group IM sessions. Normal IM from one person to another will work fine though.

I tried the unmodified source and it has the same problem. Trying to figure out now what is going wrong.

Update: Finally figured it out!
The viewer has something called the “message template”. This is a file that lists the various messages that SL uses to communicate with the grid and their format (field names, datatypes, etc). It is located in app_settings/message_template.msg.

The build instructions tell you to copy the file to its final location. This file is mandatory to have, and the viewer will complain loudly and exit with a fatal error if missing.

In the 1.18 version, the “message liberation” happened. Now new viewers can continue working on a grid that has more features than they support. I’ve not yet investigated the technical details very througly, but the basic idea seems quite simple: The viewer simply ignores the messages it doesn’t recognize. So for example, 1.18.1 adds the userlist to IMs. A 1.18.0 viewer doesn’t reconize the messages that send the list of participants, but can still join conversations.

Now, in 1.18 a new file was added: message.xml, and it seems to hold the messages that aren’t in message_template.msg. For some strange reason, missing it doesn’t cause a fatal error, so if it’s not there what happens is that the viewer fails to recognize anything that’s listed in it, which includes group IM messages, which apparently moved to this file in 1.18.

The build instructions I linked above don’t reference this file, and to my knowledge nobody mentioned it was necessary. Other people’s viewers are installed by overwriting an original install, which of course comes with the file correctly packaged, so they didn’t have this problem.

So, fix for the group IMs: Copy the app_settings/message.xml file from a standard SL install to mine.

I will be working on releasing an updated installer.

Update 2: Viewer released. It only contains a fix for this issue.


6 Responses to [Solved!] Problems with group IMs

  1. Lacy Musketeer says:

    I’m glad we figured out why group IMs weren’t working. It’s been a huge stressor in with our sim admins. Thank you for looking into it. I look forward to getting an update with this issue repaired. Your viewer is most helpful and I plan to continue using it.
    Drop by our sim and talk soon!

  2. Lacy says:

    *loves a Dale*

  3. Mako Minogue says:

    WooT! 🙂

    Thanks Dale!


  4. Dale Glass says:

    No problem, sorry it took so long to fix

  5. Love the Client. Look forward to seeing one with voice 🙂

    One bug. Open the map (not mini-map) and it corrupts after a little while.

  6. Dale Glass says:

    Garth: The bug seems to be in OpenJPEG, an image decoding component. If you got a message saying llkdu.dll couldn’t be found, this is why. OpenJPEG is the alternative to that and still less than 100% polished. Install the standard viewer, then mine again, and it should be fixed. If not, tell me about it.

    Voice viewer is coming. Changes are already merged, installer will probably be out tomorrow.

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