Installer fixed, Vista supported

September 30, 2007

Turns out I broke the installer on the previous release. Sorry about that ^_^;;

The new has no new functional changes, but has an improved installer. Now it should work on Vista and will uninstall correctly. Some files also had the line endings fixed, which means the .zip now has less files, and the installer will work a bit faster as it won’t have to download files that didn’t actually change.


Interesting Search Terms

September 30, 2007

Once in a while I check the WordPress stats to see how people got to my site. Today I found two interesting search terms in the list:

blocking avatar scanner on SL
make a second life particle spammer

To the people searching for the former, there’s no way to block my avatar scanner, so don’t bother trying. 🙂

To the ones searching for the latter, shame on you. My latest work is precisely on dealing with particle spam, and I believe I’m making pretty good progress there. There are big changes in this area yet to come, which I hope will make a difference.

Version released, Vista now works

September 30, 2007

I finally figured out the problem with Vista: On Vista, the installer fails to work correctly. The installer is still broken in this release, but the .zip should result in an usable installation. Work on fixing the installer is in progress.

To use the .zip, first install the right original version (there’s a link to it on Extract the .zip to the installation directory, overwriting any existing files, then run DaleGlassRelease.exe.

This version has a much more functional, but still unfinished Event Log screen, and an updated list of regions for the IM location logger.

WordPress Broke My Login Page

September 16, 2007

I just got told that my viewer’s page broke some time ago.

Turns out it’s WordPress’ fault. My login page fetches the RSS feed from this blog to display the latest blog entries. The feed used to be this one, so that it would only show the SL related news. But WordPress broke that for some reason, and that made the login page fail to work.

I set it to the full feed, which means unrelated things may appear on the login page ocassionally.

Bug Tracker And New Features In Development

September 12, 2007

I’ve created a bug tracker at If you have any suggestions for things to add or improve in my viewers, or bugs to report, then that’s the right place for it.

In other news, I’m working on a new feature to make it possible to very quickly figure out the source of particle spam/griefing and deal with it. The new screen gathers statistics on particle effects, measures their relative “annoyance factor” based on the amount of screen space they take, and allows to perform actions like moving the camera to the source, banning the owner, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like during an attack. The 3 boxes on the right automatically display the 3 most active effects.

Linux Version Released

September 1, 2007

From now, Linux binaries will start being released as well. The website for my viewer now has links to the Linux downloads.

This is the viewer I use 99% of the time, so it should work well. Please contact me if you have any problems with it.