Installer fixed, Vista supported

Turns out I broke the installer on the previous release. Sorry about that ^_^;;

The new has no new functional changes, but has an improved installer. Now it should work on Vista and will uninstall correctly. Some files also had the line endings fixed, which means the .zip now has less files, and the installer will work a bit faster as it won’t have to download files that didn’t actually change.

5 Responses to Installer fixed, Vista supported

  1. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    Repeatedly crashed logging in with this version, finally logged in fully ruthed. Waited a while for my inventory to populate (had cleared cache several times), then wore my standard outfit, whereupon I crashed again, perhaps something objectionable about my shape, which works fine in the standard client.

  2. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    Another of my staff experienced the client not letting him wear any clothes when he logged in.

    When I logged back in with the regular client, I had to rewear my outfit, then create new hair and eyes cause they were gone and defaulted, and when I saved the outfit, the socks wouldn’t save to the asset server, so the client is fucking up the av somehow.

  3. Dale Glass says:

    Very strange, will have to investigate.

    Try to install the official, then my viewer again. That should ensure the usage of Kakadu instead of OpenJPEG, which might be related to your problem.

  4. Bounder Jimenez says:

    Dale, I just want to say this installed perfectly on my Windows Vista system and I am very impressed with your work! Keep up the excellent work!

  5. rhiannondragoone says:

    I tried to install 1.18.3 5 on my Toshiba laptop; with Vista; took forever, then said “could not rename.”


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