Viewer With Stereoscopic Patch Released

The latest viewer supports real 3D, courtesy of the University of Michigan. It should support both anaglyph (red/cyan glasses) and active (shutter glasses) modes.

Luskwood in anaglyph mode

To set it up, first get the viewer, then configure the stereo mode in the advanced graphics settings:

SL Preferences

12 Responses to Viewer With Stereoscopic Patch Released

  1. Dave says:

    I just tried the 3d effect in alaglyph mode.
    It is teh awesome!
    Nice work Dale!
    (i wish I had me some shutter glasses so the colours didn’t go dodgy)

    Again, fabulous stuff!

  2. Phantom says:

    Anyone else notice there hasn’t been a new release in a long time? Where’s the 1.18.5 (3) equivalent? When is clicking going to be fixed? It seems to be offset either to the right or the left, I didn’t explore that enough because it was too frustrating. Couldn’t do a thing.

  3. Lee Moore says:

    For group viewing, would it be possible to put “Passive” mode into the client? mentions “Passive” mode but the screen shot in this blog post doesn’t show it. (I also tried the download, but to no avail.) We have a GeoWall here and I think it would be cool to run SL in projection. (p.s. thanks for the Anaglyph mode!)

  4. Lee Moore says:

    Follow-up to my previous post — I found on the GeoWall mailing list that the the “Active” button does the right thing on a passive projection system.

  5. This sounds great!
    Is this viewer available in 1.19.x versions?

  6. Aster says:

    This is amazing! I have been hoping for stereoscopy in second life for a long time! I wish LL would integrate stereoscopy into their viewers. >.<

  7. Jadon says:

    When will we get a Windlight version?

  8. Kael Inglewood says:

    when can we get an up-to-date release? i love the stereo mode, works great even on my old 75hz LCD monitor, would really love it if you could do a 1.23.x or w/e is most current release :3, this is the best viewer ive seen.

  9. hugsalot says:

    wow this was dated about 3 years ago, any updates to this version yet? now that LL has locked down on 3rd party viwers, you have to be certified for your viewer to work. Then again this is bases on 1.18x so this may not work anyway. the avatar scanner is exactly like the Emerald radar.

  10. […] support for 3D glasses as someone has already done this in another viewer, but is outdated. Leave a […]

  11. Hermie says:

    Hi Dale, I have downloaded version But when I set up the advance graphic the stereo section, the stereo effect doesn’t show up. I use Nvidia 3D Vision, it works with other games, I select Active in stereo mode. Is there anything else I need to set, or is there another version that works.

  12. Susana says:

    Hi Dale, I tried the Shutter Glass options but it doesn’t work…is just me or is something with the viewer?

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