Experimental Voice on Linux

January 24, 2008

LL released some new development code, and an experimental SLVoice binary with it. This should be usable with the standard viewers from LL, Windlight, as well as ones built from source. Here’s how.

First, download the libraries package. This file contains libraries and headers needed for building a viewer, as well the SLVoice binary.

Uncompress the file.
In linden/indra/newview/vivox-runtime/i686-linux/ you’ll find all the voice files.

If you run the standard viewer downloaded from secondlife.com:
Copy SLVoice into the installation directory
Copy the rest into the lib directory

If you build your own viewer and run it from the source tree:
Copy SLVoice into indra/newview
Copy the rest into libraries/i686-linux/lib_release_client

Now if you start the viewer, voice should work. This is of course experimental, and might crash, but it seems to work a lot better than the Wine hack did.


TrustNet Server’s PSU Blew Up

January 8, 2008

About an hour ago I noticed the server was off. On looking at it, the power supply was very hot. I thought the problem was that it got clogged with dust and shutdown. So I used some canned air on it, and gave it a good cleaning. Then I plugged it back in. That turned out to have been a bad idea.

The PSU made several loud exploding noises, and bright sparks could be seen inside. Pretty scary stuff since this happened the moment I plugged the cable in, so I had my hand right near the thing. Lights went out.

I unplugged the cable, and turned things back on. Fortunately, the UPS it was connected to survived fine. Inside the server nothing looks obviously burned up, but since this is an ATX case, the PSU provides power even when the computer is supposed to be off, so something might have got fried.

The server will remain down for some hours, as it’s late here and no shops are open. If I’m lucky, and only the PSU died then it’ll go back up as soon as I get a new one, otherwise it could unfortunately take a few days, as I may not be able to get replacement hardware on the same day.

TrustNet won’t be working while the server is broken. If you’re constantly getting errors, reset the scanner. It should fail to login and then shut up. The downtime will be credited towards your subscription when it comes back online.