Experimental Voice on Linux

LL released some new development code, and an experimental SLVoice binary with it. This should be usable with the standard viewers from LL, Windlight, as well as ones built from source. Here’s how.

First, download the libraries package. This file contains libraries and headers needed for building a viewer, as well the SLVoice binary.

Uncompress the file.
In linden/indra/newview/vivox-runtime/i686-linux/ you’ll find all the voice files.

If you run the standard viewer downloaded from secondlife.com:
Copy SLVoice into the installation directory
Copy the rest into the lib directory

If you build your own viewer and run it from the source tree:
Copy SLVoice into indra/newview
Copy the rest into libraries/i686-linux/lib_release_client

Now if you start the viewer, voice should work. This is of course experimental, and might crash, but it seems to work a lot better than the Wine hack did.

9 Responses to Experimental Voice on Linux

  1. […] just met Dale (Glass) on the Geekend meeting at Orange Island. And it seems there is a native Voice solution for Linux, at […]

  2. Thanks Dale for providing the information for the super eager. I’m glad to see this is already working for you.

    For the not-quite-as-eager, we’re really close to releasing pre-built binaries for the Linux voice client (should be next week), so if you can hold your horses, you’ll have something a little bit more straightforward to install.

  3. […] I’m using either the latest Windlight Client with the new voice libs copied from the experimental slviewer-libs as described by Dale Glass, or the new supercool mono beta client (new UI!), with the gridargs.dat emptied. Note that the […]

  4. Katharinecb says:

    thats for sure, dude

  5. Dagnir Korolev says:


    You had probable seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd3-eiid-Uw

    Are there any chances to see this in SL client? You are the only person I can think of to ask this question!

  6. Joel says:

    Hi Joel I am ne’er you Joel and what you doing aim only ipoad

  7. but wat can v do? jz follow the steps ~ ntg much ~ hehe~ anyway~ hapi cny~ Click http://pepij.nl/succeaa100645

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